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Frequently asked questions 

Basically, any scenario can be combined with any platform and we have already programmed numerous use cases for a wide variety of companies. We would be happy to show you in a short product demo what is possible and how you can use TOUGH in your company. 

Which version of TOUGH fits our company? 

The costs for training with TOUGH depend on different factors. If our developers are working exclusively for you to create individual use cases and scenarios, there is a development fee. If the development is completed or if you use our standard software from the beginning, we charge only a small monthly license fee per user. Our motto is: The security of our employees should be worth the cost of a lunch per month. 

What costs can we expect? 

If you want to use the desktop or browser version of TOUGH, you don't need any special hardware. The software runs smoothly on all newer Windows computers. You can also use the online version via app on all common tablets and smartphones. If you want to use the VR version, you will of course need VR glasses in addition to your laptop. We will be happy to advise you on the purchase.

Can we use our existing hardware or do we have to get extra hardware? 

You will receive a file from us that you can use to run TOUGH on your laptop with just a few clicks. After entering your personal product key, the software is ready to use. If you use the VR version, first connect the VR goggles to the laptop and then run a file that we send you. The installation on the VR goggles will be done automatically. After that, the training can begin. 

How complicated is it to install the browser and VR version? 

If you would like to use your own scenarios beyond the standard version, these will be programmed in close coordination between you and our development team. After the initial recording of your requirements and wishes, we rely on iterative development and regular exchange in online meetings. In this way, we are usually able to successfully complete development projects within one to three months, so that you can start training as soon as possible.

How does the development phase proceed? 

We are constantly working on the training software and automatically send you an update about every two months. 

At what intervals are there software updates?

Our experienced trainers are happy to come to you and conduct training sessions. You provide room and catering, we bring hardware and software. We have a special expertise in RSA trainings. Alternatively, we offer you to train internal trainers in your company, who can train your employees independently with TOUGH. 

Does TOUGH also offer complete training courses?

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