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Our team combines experienced civil engineers with talented developers in the field of games engineering. Thanks to this unique combination, we develop innovative software that is not only sophisticated in terms of content and technology, but also fun to use. Our vision is to make training more interesting, more effective and more interactive. From modular systems to individual building sites, we develop tailor-made software with each customer. Let's talk about your ideas together! 

We are the pioneers of new learning. With our training software, we develop customized solutions for the construction industry and occupational safety. This brings training content to life and helps employees learn more effectively in a playful environment - without any dangers!



Protect employees and prevent accidents with the interactive training software TOUGH! Walk digitally through your construction sites and depots, solve practical tasks and recall processes in a playful way. Sounds exciting? Then arrange a free demo right away! 

Work safety

Train dangerous situations and procedures safely in the virtual world. Perfect for training new and experienced employees. 

Learning optimization 

Learning is best when it's fun. The playful approach and the immersive experience ensure that the content is particularly well memorized. 

Cost saving 

Sit in front of your laptop or tablet and just get started - alone or in a group. No need to travel or stay overnight. 

Employee retention 

Whether various learning paths, certificates or training to become an internal TOUGH trainer - the development opportunities are diverse. 

Employee motivation 

Dry frontal teaching with always the same slides or interactive participatory training with computer game character - which do you prefer? 

Employee recruitment 

Any employer can offer boring training courses. Set yourself apart from the competition and fight the shortage of skilled workers.

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With TOUGH, we offer a wide range of features and capabilities to address various challenges in different areas. Let's take a look at some exciting use cases.



Hazardous situations on the 

highway and country road. 

Learning of control plans. 

Work preparation at the depot. 

And much more. 


Dangerous situations on the highway and country road. Learning of control plans. Work preparation in the depot and much more. 


Setting up the job site. 

Handling tools.

And much more. 


Arbeit auf dem Gerüst.

Ausheben von Baugruben.

Und vieles mehr.

Mann mit VR Brille nutzt die TOUGH-Training Software


The virtual 360 degree experience. Find out below what makes schooling with VR technology so special. 


PC Monitor mit der TOUGH-Training Software


Flexible learning on the laptop, even without an Internet connection. 


TOUGH-Training Software im Browser


Provide training to many employees at any time - no installation required. 


TOUGH-Training Software am Tablet


Download Android app and learn on your tablet, regardless of location. 




The VR goggles take the employees virtually to the construction site. They can look around and move 360 degrees. Spatial dimensions and movements are perceived as if they were real. This makes it possible for employees to carry out work independently in virtual space and receive individual training in the process. In this way, even complex situations and processes can be simulated without the employees putting themselves in danger. 



Rendering einer VR-Brille und Road-Safety Elementen

The use of TOUGH not only increases the success of training, but also the attractiveness of companies. Young people feel attracted by the game design and VR technology. An important step against the shortage of skilled workers and an innovation we needed in road construction!

Highway Workforce

Lee Merces, Managing Director

It is vital for the employees of the Powerlines to carry out work on the overhead lines in a professional manner. The fact that we can now train this work with TOUGH in a virtual environment and still in a practical way is a great step forward and benefits both young and experienced colleagues.

SPL Powerlines Germany GmbH

William Bergin, Technical Officer for Training and Further Education

With the products from TOUGH, we support the safety of our employees on the track. The use of VR enables us to realistically depict dangers and special features when working in and on the track and thus make them tangible. In the virtual world we can also tolerate mistakes and thus increase the sensitivity of our employees. The combination of track construction and VR inspires our junior staff and offers an innovative solution to the shortage of skilled workers in rail transport.

DB Netz AG

Nicole Lieb, Head of Technical Qualification Maintenance

Road safety is a high priority.The new training software will make the work of Verkehrswacht safer.

Ministry of Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Winfried Hermann, Minister 

Thanks to the virtual exercises for setting up work sites, our participants can now also put their knowledge into practice in a realistic way. We hope that this will enable us to make an even greater contribution to minimizing hazardous situations that arise from inadequate protection of road construction sites.

MORAVIA Akademie + Verlag GmbH

Inken Hallberg, Managing Director

Our RSA training courses are significantly enriched by individual playful elements of the TOUGH software. The participants visibly enjoy the digital construction of workplaces according to control plans and can experience various training contents immersively with the help of the VR glasses. In this way, we actively ensure improved memory and can thus also improve occupational safety.

Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW

Michael Höhne, Senior Safety Engineer, Occupational Safety Unit

With virtual reality, tricky situations can be trained very well when working on the road. This makes the job safer and our road wardens even better qualified.

Ministry of Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Ina Brandes, Former Minister

At the beginning of the training, it took a lot of getting used to being so close to moving traffic and working there. For highways and country roads, the software is very helpful in preparing us for what we can expect on the road in the future.

Ministry of Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Trainee Training Centre Nagold

RSA training supported by TOUGH software brought to the forefront the importance of traffic safety as a life insurance for our road guards. Our road guards were able to experience the virtual setup and dismantling of traffic safety devices and hazards on the roadway in a fun way. The TOUGH training has made a significant contribution to improving the occupational safety of our road wardens.

ViA6West Service GmbH

Tobias Kupfer, Managing Director

At SPITZKE, we focus on innovations, particularly in training and further education, and therefore actively support companies in the development of virtual learning methods. From our point of view, virtual reality applications hold great potential for imparting knowledge. TOUGH is an ideal partner for us to turn our ideas into reality.


Jörg Prohaszka, Academy Director

We are active in numerous business areas related to rail, which means that we conduct many training courses on different topics. TOUGH provides us with a digital toolkit in which we can create our own training scenarios. This makes us very flexible and enables us to prepare our employees specifically for all challenges.

BUG Verkehrsbau SE

Philipp Landt, Head of Corporate Development



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